Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Busy Crafter Laments

Like the title? Yeah, I felt it was very creative.... :P Haha, anyhoo, what does it mean? It means I've been a *cough* very lazy blogger. *cough* :D That just means that I haven't been blogging much. ;) However, I HAVE been crafting. I've made 3 rosary bracelets, a few pairs a earrings, a GORGEOUS chainmaille bracelet, sketched a bit, worked on my crocheting, and other things that are not coming to mind at this moment. I do love you my dear readers for stopping by and I do hereby pledge to post for you at least once a week...and giving my self that big of a time frame, you can be assured of many more posts than that. ;)

I have many plans for the coming weeks. Including posts for most of the items mentioned above. I just need to get some pictures taken. Also on the agenda is a tutorial. My very first tutorial at that. I have put up a poll in my sidebar where you can vote for which of my projects you would like to have a tutorial for. So go on and vote! The poll will close on Sunday, March 13th at 11:59PM.

Also, I have some other crafting obsessions (hehehe) that I have not yet revealed to you. Those shall be unveiled in the near future as well! And, despite the fact that I hate the results, I plan on showing you a few of my sketches...though, as I have told you before, drawing is not my strong suit. You've been forewarned. :P

On another note, we are still stuck at 14 know that that can be easily remedied, correct? If you are reading this post and you DO NOT follow, please, all you have to do is click on the little follow button in my sidebar. And if you already follow, tell your friends about me! If you remember, I'm having a giveaway at 15 followers, that means I only need ONE more follower. And I already have the giveaway item ready to go. ;)

And those, my dear readers, are my plans. Please check back often as I am very excited for you to see these upcoming posts. :)

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  1. Hey Leiabunny... YOU HAVE FIFTEEN FOLLOWERS! :D ^_^


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