Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And Time Escapes...

Some little updates on the new year of 2012...

Item #1 - New years resolution #2 ("post on blog at least once a week") clearly went down the drain after day one...considering I haven't posted in over two weeks. But I have felt productive in that's a good thing.

Item #2 - AND I've succeeded thus far in my photo a day challenge...check out my Flickr set. *points to sidebar* I don't have all the photos uploaded yet but I have taken a photo everyday. Just bare with me.

Item #3 - The other day I realized that I didn't take pictures of any of the jewelry I made as gifts for Christmas. Don't ask me how that happened...but it did and now the necklace I wanted to show you all is on the west coast.

Item #4 - I GOT LIGHTROOM 3 FOR CHRISTMAS! Which I've been meaning to post about...I feel like a horrible blogger. Oh wait, I am. :P Lightroom post with before and afters coming soooon.

Item #5 - I love life. 2012 has been great so far...haha, only about two and a half weeks in but it's good. ;)

Item #6 - AND A PHOTO! My brother's birthday cake. Pumpkin bundt. Work of my fine hands. :P Delicious if I say so myself. ;)

Item #7 - I just felt like adding a 7th item because 7 is my favorite number. ;) Now you know something new about me! Or maybe not...thanks for reading! That is if you read this far...which I'll assume for the sake of my happiness. :P


P.S. I've been thinking about moving and changing the name of my blog...thoughts? I'll explain more when I decide if I'm doing it or not.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

366 Days, 366 Photos

This year I'm challenging myself to get out and take at least one photo each day. I decided it would be a fun way to practice and get better with my camera. And with it being a leap year there will be one extra day for photographing. ;)

I'll be uploading my photos to my Flickr account in the set "366 Days, 366 Photos" if you'd like to follow along. :) I'll also be posting this link in my sidebar.

And if you'd like to take up this challenge with me please comment with a link to where you'll be posting so I can follow you!

I thought I'd share my photo from day 1 with you.

Wish me luck!