Wednesday, January 18, 2012

And Time Escapes...

Some little updates on the new year of 2012...

Item #1 - New years resolution #2 ("post on blog at least once a week") clearly went down the drain after day one...considering I haven't posted in over two weeks. But I have felt productive in that's a good thing.

Item #2 - AND I've succeeded thus far in my photo a day challenge...check out my Flickr set. *points to sidebar* I don't have all the photos uploaded yet but I have taken a photo everyday. Just bare with me.

Item #3 - The other day I realized that I didn't take pictures of any of the jewelry I made as gifts for Christmas. Don't ask me how that happened...but it did and now the necklace I wanted to show you all is on the west coast.

Item #4 - I GOT LIGHTROOM 3 FOR CHRISTMAS! Which I've been meaning to post about...I feel like a horrible blogger. Oh wait, I am. :P Lightroom post with before and afters coming soooon.

Item #5 - I love life. 2012 has been great so far...haha, only about two and a half weeks in but it's good. ;)

Item #6 - AND A PHOTO! My brother's birthday cake. Pumpkin bundt. Work of my fine hands. :P Delicious if I say so myself. ;)

Item #7 - I just felt like adding a 7th item because 7 is my favorite number. ;) Now you know something new about me! Or maybe not...thanks for reading! That is if you read this far...which I'll assume for the sake of my happiness. :P


P.S. I've been thinking about moving and changing the name of my blog...thoughts? I'll explain more when I decide if I'm doing it or not.

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