Thursday, January 6, 2011

Celtic Budding Spiral Earrings

I made these as a gift for someone for Christmas. My mom and I searched around online for different Celtic wire spirals, and this one caught our eyes. I wrapped the wire on my peg board (it's a really neat tool, I'll have to post about it later),then adjusted them until they matched, and finally pounded them with a hammer to ensure that they kept their shape. Hammering them also scraped away at the base layer of silver, so the copper underneath shows through a little bit. I thought is gave it a cool effect. I also added a pink Swarovski crystal to the bottom link of each spiral for an extra element. :) 

The pictures aren't as good as I would have liked, I was rushed in taking them because my mom had to send the package.


  1. Hi! It's Nenetta from the forum.

    THAT IS AMAZING! And I am in LOVE with the jewelry on your header. You definately need to post with some more of your jewelry!

  2. I love those!! Their beautiful! I haven't quite got the hang of "wire bending" yet... I'm more of a beader...

    Your Scottish Gal!

  3. Do you have a copyright :-) I love these! I'd love to branch out like that for 'Hallelujah Jewelry' but I don't have the money right now to get more than maybe one pair of chandelier findings from Amazon. Do you mind if I kind of copy your idea? I need heavier duty wire then I have right now :-(. I never would have though of that myself!!


  4. Oh, go ahead Monica! I mentioned in my post that I used a peg board, you can get a really cheep one on Amazon and then all you need is wire! I've been playing around with wire jewelry a lot lately and I've got plenty more posts about it to come. ;)

    Thing-A-Ma Jig:


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