Tuesday, January 4, 2011


So, you have happened upon my humble dwelling space, now what? Well, I'll give you a little..tour of sorts. ;) This is my craft and photography blog. Why have a blog apart from my personal blog you ask? Well, I felt like maybe, just maybe if I had a dedicated space for my crafting, I wouldn't forget to post things. And that, my dear friends, is why you are here today. Just a few things I'd like to explain before I start posting my creations.

1) My blog's name. Leia is a play on my name, and boutique just made everything sound fancier. :D Actually, I plan to *eventually* start an online store and wanted the name to carry over nicely, thus the word 'boutique'. So, it may not quite fit the purpose of this blog right now, but just you wait. ;)

2) My lovely banner is the result of I don't know how many days work. It really didn't take that long to make, it just took way to long to figure out what I wanted.

3)And last, but not least, I love comments. Don't hesitate at all to leave me even the littlest note, you'll make my day!

I shall return soon with a post about at least one of the many projects I'm working on. :)

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