Friday, January 21, 2011

Celtic Cross Pendant

This is sort of  Celtic cross, but the bottom 'beam' isn't technically long enough to be a Celtic cross. I added the glass bead to the bottom and put it on a chain. Voila! :)

And I have nine followers! Reward post tomorrow, so check back. ;-) Only 6 more followers for a giveaway!


  1. Lovely blog Rosarainbow! ^-^ All of the things you posted are so purty. :D

  2. Beautiful!

    Just wondering-- what kind of wire are you using, and what kind of hammer? Because I can't make any of my wire flatten nicely.

  3. Okay! I think I need to invest in a crafting hammer and a steel thingie... I bet they sell small sets of craft hammer-and-anvils. Wonder how much they cost. I also need to invest in a peg board-- you do such amazing things with it! :)


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