Sunday, May 1, 2011


I bet you noticed that I failed. Again. But I'm sure you were expecting that. Instead of uploading photos of my crafty things, I decided to take a ton of photos instead. I hope you don't mind being bombarded with photography for a while....'cause I can see it coming. ;)

My beautiful green-eyed best friend humored me and my camera today and I realized that some of them would be great to enter in the portrait contest going on at Life Is Too Short Not To Wear Red Shoes, so I'm linking up with two of my favorites!

Aren't her curls lovely?

(Did the car in the background bother you? I hadn't really noticed it until my mom pointed it out...probably not the greatest background, but I can't help it now.)


  1. Awesome! Love 'em! And I actually like the car. :)

  2. Like ElvenMaiden I think the car in the background adds a nice, everyday effect! And I absolutely love your friend's curls! She's so beautiful! :)

  3. Awesome pictures! But she stole my sweater! lol! :-)


  4. Very pretty! I love her eyes! And I think the car in the background actually adds character!


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