Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I just logged on to see that I have had an average of about 5 page views per day EVERY SINGLE DAY since my last post. You guys have no idea how excited that made me. Then I realized that I haven't been posting...then I felt bad. And now, I'm posting.

This summer has flown by. It consisted of multiple trips to an old amusement park with good friends, a long trip to the northwest to visit various family members, and lots of other stuff including photography. Lots and lots of photography. I haven't been doing much jewelry making. I feel like I go through phases....sewing, jewelry making, crocheting, photography, sewing, photography, jewelry making, photography, crocheting, lots of photography. Can you tell where I'm stuck right now? If you guessed photography, you're right.

However I do have some projects that I need to's just matter of actually getting pictures and editing them. Actually, taking the photos isn't the problem, it's that editing part that I don't get around to with these kind of photos. :P But please keep an eye out for those as I really, really, REALLY want to keep this blog up and running and I know that it's up to me to continue posting for that to happen.

In other news, autumn is upon us...though the temperature sure isn't making it feel like it here. But I'm excited for it none the less. I love the word autumn, so much more mysterious than 'fall'. And guess what I noticed today! There are leaves starting to change color!!! Despite the 80 something degree heat... :P I snapped a few photos, they just need to be edited. I'm actually working on that now, so you should see them later today or sometime tomorrow morning.

In short, thank you to all my loyal readers who continue to check the blog even though I haven't posted for well over a month!

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