Wednesday, June 8, 2011

And in other news...

My desk has reclaimed itself for it's original purpose. You see, since I got my new desk a few years ago, it goes between stages of being an area to work on school and an area to do crafts. It's been recently converted from the latter to the former.

That first picture was taken quite a while was a mess when I converted it to the "school work desk."

But where'd all my craft stuff go you ask?

Most of it is right there in that storage bin under the desk. The rest of it is on a little shelf next to my desk.

If you guessed that I haven't been doing much crafting, you're correct! :P I do have a stock of things I haven't posted about though, so those should be coming soon. :) In the mean time, I'll be posting more photography....because it doesn't require a work surface. Haha. 

Please excuse the bad lighting in the bedroom is a TERRIBLE place for photography and I decided not to edit them before posting.

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