Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vintagey Earrings

"Hey, is this a post about jewelry?! Wow, took you long enough."

Hehe, I don't really believe that any of you are reacting like that as you read this post. But if you are, I have nothing wrong with it. Well then, shall I get to the point? Yes? Ok, then. Note: I know vintagey is not a word, but 'Vintage Earrings' didn't have the same ring as 'Vintagey Earrings'.

I made these earrings...a while ago, haha. But I just got around to taking the pictures today. Oh wonderful DSLR was very successful at his first jewelry photo shoot. It took me about five minutes to get good shots of three items...that would have taken me 20 minutes with my point and shoot IF it was behaving. ANYHOO. I got some awesome things on clearance a few months ago that were vintage inspired. For these earrings I used brushed-brass looking ear wire and findings, a purple glass bead, and a little dangling gem charm. I love the way they turned out.

It's been REALLY warm here recently...mostly above 80 degrees, sometimes as high as 90 though. I'm not sure if I'm enjoying it or not....I love warm, but not hot. I HATE hot. But I do love sunshine....and afternoon thunderstorms! Oh, the afternoon thunderstorms are wonderful! They're one thing I do love about summer. :D 

By the way, Have I ever mentioned I love vintage stuff? Well I do, so now you know. :D

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  1. Hey Leia! Check out my photo contest!

    I love those earrings!


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